Photo by  M. Sharkey

Photo by M. Sharkey

My professional path has always followed my personal curiosity. Writing has provided me with a way to meet people and experience things that I wouldn't otherwise be privy to, while working primarily in digital has provided me with an ever-evolving palette for expression.

I started my career as one of the first employees at the pioneering online news site, which served as an incubator for some of today's most recognized media and technology leaders. Realizing that I was as interested in emerging communications channels as I was in creating the content itself, I wrote about technology and its impact on people and culture for dozens of publications, including Wired and Slate, as well as several anthologies. As I was planning my wedding, I wrote a pseudonymous wedding planner. That was followed by a book on the joys of childfree living, which was adapted into a TV sitcom pilot. (Incidentally, I'm still happily married, but am also the proud parent of an amazing little girl.)

While pursuing an MFA in creative writing at San Francisco State, I began to apply my passion for storytelling, language, and technology to the business world—a quickly found my calling as a creative problem-solver, manager, and strategist.  Since then, I've developed and executed digital campaigns and served as a writer and creative lead for some of the world’s most iconic brands.

Today I am an independent writer and consultant, based in Brooklyn, NY. I work with businesses big and small to help them strategically position their brands and products, cultivate language that is simple and human at its core, and develop engaging content across all channels. 



Here are a few of the great businesses and agencies I've had the pleasure of working with.