Raise awareness and revenue for a startup

I had no idea when I was approached to write the package copy for two spoof political cereals that I would be helping launch what is today a multi-billion dollar company. But at a time when funding for startups was nonexistent, Obama O's and Cap'n McCains not only garnered a ton of press for Airbnb, it also helped them raise some much-needed capital. The rest, as they say, is history. In collaboration with MacFadden & Thorpe.


"This is the cereal box that saved Airbnb" 
Fast Company

"A Message From Perez Hilton & Katy Perry"
Perez TV

"The copy on the side of the Cap’n McCain’s box could have been written by his campaign"

"Between those hopeful Obama O's and maverick-y Cap'n McCain's, you'll be fed a nutritious breakfast"