Tell a cohesive brand story around a diverse product collection.

Google's software platforms run a growing number of devices, most of which are manufactured and marketed by other companies. That meant Google had no one place to tell a cohesive brand story about its its platforms or to sell the products its platforms run. The Google Store, which launched in the spring of 2015, addressed this opportunity by uniting the entire ecosystem of Google-run products in an owned e-commerce experience.

Over the course of nine months, I developed a distinct, consumer-friendly voice for the mobile-first designed store that had a lot of personality, but could also be translated into 48 regions and 19 languages. Working in daily collaboration with the Google Brand Studio team dedicated to the store, I touched nearly every page of the site, from the smallest products to category pages, systems text, and positioning—to ensure a consistent brand voice and storytelling throughout.  I also developed the larger stories around Google's key platforms, including Android, Chrome, and Cast—positioning these complicated technologies in completely human and friendly ways that would appeal to both technology newbies and hard-core Google fans alike.  To support the ongoing upkeep of the store, I wrote clear but detailed voice and content guidelines. 

On a side note, I worked almost entirely remotely—me being in Brooklyn and my team being in San Francisco—and as a result became convinced of videoconferencing and chat as a viable tool for close collaboration.

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