Develop and implement marketing and editorial content for global e-commerce platform.

Following the successful launch of UNIQLO.com in the US, the brand asked us to develop a global e-commerce platform that would be implemented in every region where the Japanese retailer had a presence. Working closely with product marketing managers and brand creative directors in Japan, I helped develop and execute a content strategy that worked modularly, so messaging could be easily swapped out from region to region, and integrated marketing, product details, and editorial content in an intuitive way. In collaboration with Razorfish.


Through a modular approach to marketing content for top product categories we could tell a full story through image and copy, while allowing each region to customize messaging for its audience. I met regularly with product marketing managers in Japan to identify key messages and develop a voice and visual approach for the units. Based on our initial efforts, I created detailed style guidelines to ensure that the content would be consistent and high quality from season to season, region to region.


In addition to marketing content, UNIQLO asked us to develop editorial content that would help bring to life its central brand tenet of "improving life through clothing."  I led the team in concepting the first set of stories and developing a visually driven approach that integrated e-commerce in a subtle but effective way.


While often mistaken as another "fast fashion" retailer, UNIQLO prides itself in high-quality, technologically innovative clothing that's produced in a socially responsible manner. To help it tell this story in a compelling way, I led the creation of a series of stories, which brought its manufacturing process to life through a tumblr-like experience combining copy, animated gifs, and video. Like all the content we developed for the site, the format and voice was designed to be easily replicated for different products and audiences.


Last but not least, I oversaw the development of all product and functional copy – from the navigation to item descriptions and even error messaging. For a brand that is based on utility, it was important that the copy be as useful and clear as possible, while providing the sense of fun Japaneseness that is also central to the UNIQLO experience. I wrote extensive brand and voice guidelines to ensure ongoing consistency and quality.